Negah Radio
Tel: 1-949-870-6461
Email: [email protected]

Negah Radio is a family friendly and socially responsible radio station streaming in Persian language. It aims to create friendship and intimacy within Persian community. It is managed by Mr. Afshin Gardoni. Negah Radio has no political or financial affiliation with any particular group, organization or country. Its headquarters are located in San Diego near the beautiful shores of the Pacific Ocean. Negah Radio is completely free and there is no subscription fee for access.

The main portion of Negah Radio content is produced internally in the form of talk shows and interviews with Persian speakers such as artists, businessmen, celebrities and academics. A smaller portion of its content is from publicly available open sources that do not have any copyright restrictions. Content from national archives and other libraries are streamed in accordance with relevant Creative Commons Copyrights licenses in effect vis-a-vis that institution.

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